Lou (heffermonkey) wrote in case_bullpen,

October Fest Entry

My entry for Octoberfest - I was going to go for a mixed theme but it ended up as the theme being 'The Mentalist Season Two'.  Have posted links to the seperate entries because otherwise the post would have been heavily laden with lots of pics and fics.

1: Fav Episode - Blood In, Blood Out Picspam

2: Haunted - FIC: Blood Red Dreams

3: Guest Star - Icons from 2x02, 2x03 & 2x13

4:  OTP/Pairing  - Cho/Jane Fanvid

5: Your Choice - Character Picspams

6: Scary - Season Two Finale Red John Picspam

7: Black - 14 x Black (& White) Icons

8: Costumes - FIC: I don't wanna wear a Costume!

9: Premiere - FIC - Missing scenes for 'Redemption'
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