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the bullpen

gathering spot for caseland members

The Bullpen - where the participants of caseland h
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welcome to caseland
What's What
caseland is an interactive challenge community along the lines of whedonland and many others. Members compete with teammates to gain points. Challenges range from writing to graphics making to puzzles to other randomness. caseland is specifically focused on television series within the "police procedural" category. A list of the accepted fandoms can be found here.

Rules Adapted from spy_land

1. Play nice, be polite. Do not bash members, teams, fandoms, 'ships, etc.

2. All posts and comments should be PG-13 (or below) with regard to language and adult concepts. Please use common sense.

3. Please follow the instructions set with each challenge post.

4. You need to participate in at least one challenge every 2-3 weeks. If you need to be away, please leave a note in the hiatus post.

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